How about a one-person shop massage shop where you can get professional care?!
Hello~ I had a hard time moving this weekend. I don't usually work out. I didn't move well. Maybe it's because I used too much energy all at once, but my body is swollen and my muscles are tight. It's hard to even move. I fell in love with Gunma because my whole body was […]

Hello~ I had a hard time moving this weekend. I don't usually work out. I didn't move well. Maybe it's because I used too much energy all at once, but my body is swollen and my muscles are tight. It's hard to even move. I fell in love with Gunma because my whole body was heavy like a rock, and I found a good place near my house through the website, so I visited a massage shop in Busan one-person shop!

The 'Romee' shop I visited is a five-minute walk from Exit 2 of Beomil Station and is located across from the Dongbu San Post Office. I walked near my house, but it wasn't hard to find because it was in a prominent place. People who bring their cars can park for free, so it's good to visit comfortably without worrying about parking.

The Busan massage shop is open from 1 p.m. to 5 a.m. and reservations are from 12 p.m. to 3 a.m. It's only possible to make a reservation a day in advance. Also, when your phone is off, it's closed or random, so if you're visiting, you should refer to this and make a reservation by calling in advance.

It's my first time visiting this place, so I felt a bit strange and nervous. The owner of the one-person shop welcomed me with a big smile. He looked so handsome. I was relaxed. Maybe it's because you're doing it alone, but the reception was better than other road shops. The atmosphere of the store was quiet and neat. The shop is clean and cozy, so I thought we came to get some healing.

They gave me warm tea. They gave me peppermint tea that tastes and smells so good. It's a tea that I personally enjoy drinking, so I was a little happy to drink it accidentally at the massage shop in Busan. It was so cold that I couldn't concentrate. The refreshing scent and taste of peppermint made my mind clear. It was really nice to drink before getting a massage.

While drinking warm tea, I heard about the 성남건마 program of a one-person massage shop. It is 120,000 won for A course, 150,000 won for 90 minutes for B course, 200,000 won for 110 minutes for C course, and it was a very good program consisting of emotional/swedish/roma/dry/pain/foot massage.

I've never been this close in my life, so I think I'll get it if I get it short, and I wanted to solve it properly, so I chose C course C. I think it's because the director of Busan Massage said he's been around for a long time, so I can trust him. I was really looking forward to the management because many people said that the reviews of the single-person shop massage were very good!

There were large air purifiers all over the place in the single-person shop massage shop. These days, it's hard to ventilate because it's cold or fine dust. I really liked that I could breathe clean air and get a massage without venting.

I was guided to the room. Maybe because it was a one-person shop, I could change my clothes in the room. They even prepared a gown for me to wear. I think it's a great advantage to be able to enjoy the private management of the massage shop in Busan. I don't need to change my clothes in the fitting room, so it's very comfortable.

I heard that there are even stylists at nice shops these days, but there was a stylist in the room at the massage shop in Busan. It felt great to wear clean sterilized clothes after getting a massage. I felt that the director who cared about each one was treated more.

I moved to the foot bath room to get a foot bath. There was a good-scented foot bath prepared in advance. It was only the scent of the fragrant rose that spread through the room, but I felt like my heart was stabilized. I was so excited to get a foot bath with a good product because you only use natural products from the one-person massage shop.

They poured water to my favorite temperature. I felt like my swollen and sore feet were gradually loosening because of the foot movement after taking off the foot bath. It's been a while since I've had a foot bath, so it was the most memorable thing I've ever had. It smells good and the temperature fits perfectly. I think it's because I got it when I was having a hard time. The massage shop in Busan's one-person shop said that foot bath time was not included in the maintenance time, so I could enjoy foot bath properly.

I came back to the room for treatment. It was the perfect lighting for getting care. Personally, I think it's more cozy to make it darker when I get a massage. Sometimes there are bright places, but even with my eyes closed, it's hard to concentrate on the care because it feels blind, but the one-person shop massage shop adjusted the lighting I wanted so that I could get a comfortable massage.

Before you started the Busan Swedish massage, you stretched your whole body. I told you to take it easy because it hurts even if you move a little bit, but you managed to adjust the intensity to fit that.

You start the massage, but it's much better to warm up the oil than just apply it. I could see the experience of the massage director of the Busan one-person shop who cares about every little thing. He's also very good at controlling his pressure, so he loosened his tight muscles without getting sick.

She solved it thoroughly by hand and finished the massage. It was hard to move at first, but it was much lighter and fresher than before because the Korean massage director in Busan was a veteran. I didn't know I'd be this light.
The shower room of the one-person shop was equipped with shower products for taking a shower. The cleanliness was also very good, so I was able to wash it clean.

The hairbrush was as clean as a new one without a single hair, and disposable or body care products were all prepared, so I could easily prepare it at a one-person shop massage shop.
I didn't think the price was that expensive, but like the review, the director's skills are amazing, so I think I'll visit often. If you're looking for a good massage shop in Busan, how about a massage shop in Busan where you can get professional care?

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