I knew why you were coming here for a couple massage.
Today is a warm review that I went to a few days ago.There are so few massage shops in Busan that it's hard to find.It's a written factor review, a Swedish massage shop!​Oh, first of all, Swedish massage.I'm going to tell you about it first. That's what happens in our country.Because it's a little discolored? […]

Today is a warm review that I went to a few days ago.

There are so few massage shops in Busan that it's hard to find.

It's a written factor review, a Swedish massage shop!

Oh, first of all, Swedish massage.

I'm going to tell you about it first. That's what happens in our country.

Because it's a little discolored? It's known as decadent massage.

It's not like that here, but really academically!

It's a place where you can do 건마 chung-tong, swag, wade-dy.

Make sure to point it out first and take a look at the reviews!

Swedish Massage (not decadent, but authentic Swedish)

It is a scientific massage made by a Swedish man named Fidering, and it is called different countries, but it has been widely used in the United States as a body type correction and diet massage. While traditional massage is managed only by hand, Swedish is characterized by controlling massage pressure and using the entire arm to make contact with massage compared to traditional massage, and easy to control strength, so you can get circulation care without pain!

This is supposed to be a couple massage, and it's a lot of people.

I found it. It's in the paper. It's inside rather than inside.

If you go inside, you'll be surprised twice by the interior design.

It's almost like a hotel massage, and it's got an unexpected charm.

You can see it as a space that you have.

It's located near the Lotte Department Store, 1st Street, Seomyeon.

I think it'll be more accurate if you refer to the map below!

Doesn't the mood change a lot from the first picture?

I'm going to be this luxurious massage shop in Seo-myeon.

I didn't even think about it. This is Aromaspa.

I got a feeling, and I said, "Oh... She said, "It's pretty."

It's not a lot of scenes, but it was so pretty that I took it.

I think the maintenance will be expensive before we go in.

For those of you who might be hesitant, it's been posted on Naver.

Let's take a look at the price of Busan Massage Shop, written price first!

Facial management 60 minutes 80,000 won

90 minutes of body care (rear + full care) 100,000 won

120 minutes of body care (rear + front care + 130,000 won for face care)

180 minutes of special total care (full body care + facial care + scalp care) 200,000 won

Couple body care 60 minutes (rear care) 130,000 won

Couple body care 90 minutes (rear care + full care) 180,000 won

120 minutes of couple body care (full body care + facial care) 240,000 won

Business hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. every day.

You can park. You can book.

If you want to go, I recommend you make a reservation!

I took a picture of the price tag here, too!

I wrote down the price that was announced on Naver earlier.

If you're comfortable looking at pictures, make sure to watch them!

As soon as you go in, the view looks like this.

I've been to massage parlors for a while, and it's so bright.

I've never seen a place with a warm tone.

When I saw it, I thought, "The interior is so pretty."

He took a lot of pictures in admiration.

Each administrator has several spaces.

I'm more curious about VIP rooms than any other space, so I get permission.

I took a quick look around. What's a spa in the management space?

This big and nice place in Busan massage shop

Except for the decent hotel spa, this is the only place.

I have 90 minutes of body care (rear + full care) 100,000 won.

I went to get it. This was just a mid-range.

Too cheap is over soon, too expensive is over.

It's my first time here, so I'll take it in the middle.

Overall, the light is warm, before and after maintenance.

I really liked the atmosphere because it felt comfortable.

Busan Massage Shop is many but the characteristic of written factor is

I can change my clothes and take a shower in the maintenance area.

That the lines are very efficient! And it's a facility.

If you look at the picture below, I don't have to say anything else.

You'll see something really neat at a glance.

I love neatness more than anything else.

I'm a type, so when I look at this neat space, I just take pictures and dig.

I had a great time shooting it without realizing it.

Disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more.

I like how the hairdryer comes out so well.

The shower room has great water pressure and hot water.

I was very satisfied.

The iPhone is getting colder, and the battery is getting colder.

I was worried that it would wear out, but I got it under control and recharged.

You didn't worry about batteries on your way home on this day.

Before you take care of yourself, you're so good at taking selfies.

He didn't forget to click it. fi(fi)fi

I put out my bangs for a second, and then I put my forehead back up.

People say that the world #is the same, but...

You look young with bangs. Everything's fine.

I'm trying to get rid of my forehead because I'm too lazy to take care of it.

Oh, while I'm in care, I'm really sleeping.

I've been comfortable with it, but I've already.

You can choose between coffee, tea, or iced tea.

I'm taking care of it, and maybe it's circulating.

I had iced tea instead of warm tea.

It's been a while since I've met a local sister.

I've been talking to the supervisor a lot, so time flies.

Even those who don't like to take care of the aromas because they feel uncomfortable.

It's a shower right next to it, so I think I'll take it comfortably.

It's maintenance, but the atmosphere is so good.

I thought I understood why you were coming here for a couple massage.

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