It was really firm afterwards.
This is the interior of Mapo 24 o'clock massage shop. It was brighter than other shops. It felt like you were in IKEA. You were so good at being an interior designer. The sofa was so soft that it was perfect to wait for. Hand sanitizers were placed everywhere in the shop.It's getting cold, so […]

This is the interior of Mapo 24 o'clock massage shop. It was brighter than other shops. It felt like you were in IKEA. You were so good at being an interior designer. The sofa was so soft that it was perfect to wait for. Hand sanitizers were placed everywhere in the shop.

It's getting cold, so I'm afraid of yawning now.

I felt like I was yawning.

There's flesh on the sides of the house and around the cheeks.

It has become very dry. I thought about it.

It wasn't until my skin cracked like this that I realized the seriousness.

I think if I leave it like this, it'll be a disaster.

Doing simple home care at home.

I started looking for places that are good at 파주 마사지 Jeongja-dong skin care.

The first and the continuous eyeball.

It's called The Trinity Spa Sperm.

Not only is the review incredibly good, but it's also a good.

It wasn't hard to find.

I'm trying to make an appointment right now because I'm in urgent need of

Weekend reservations are already full.

My skin's too bad to put it off next week.

I made a reservation for a weekday.

On the other hand, how popular is it?

I was wondering if they were already fully booked.

I was looking forward to it.

As soon as I arrived at the building on the day of the reservation,

I was amazed by his sophisticated appearance.

It's not just the atmosphere, it's actually the whole thing.

There were a lot of reviews about the high quality of the money.

I could relate to some of them from the entrance.

And these days, I've been very concerned about sanitation.

It's a time when you have to use it a lot, right?

It's clean inside as well as disinfection.

They've been following the quarantine protocol thoroughly.

Make sure the customer's lines don't overlap as much as possible.

I also really liked the fact that it gives you 1:1 care.

Where I used to go, it's kind of messy.

I felt like I wasn't organized.

This place is really organized.

The staff are very kind.

Why so many people recommend it.

I started to understand.

It feels like I'm on a hotel spa when I'm inside!

Luxurious interior is basic.

Sanitary conditions were great.

It's a care room, but there's a room.

It's a hotel, it's a hotel, it's a facility.

They were all the best.

Everyone was wearing masks.

Basic heat check complete!

After the corona burst,

I don't feel safe every time I go somewhere.

This place is clean from the entrance.

I feel like I'm paying a lot of attention when I start maintenance.

I feel relieved even if I take off my mask.

The light is light, and the light is lighted by the way.

She looked pretty, but she was nervous.

It also calmed me down.

If the desk is checking your reservation,

I can see these event brochures.

Check out the monthly promotions.

It's just that getting more reasonable care

It's an advantage of this place.

I was interested in other programs.

I checked my skin condition with my manager,

The anti-aging dual-up lifting you recommended.

I've decided to get a tight neck care!

This is the counseling room, and it's a place that can improve skin problems.

We will talk about the program.

When you visit for the first time, you'll be meticulous in charting.

My skin type, of course, my lifestyle.

Existing products, etc.

It checks a number of items.

My skin is too dry.

I showed you a split between the sides of your mouth and around your cheeks.

I told him that I also care about the wrinkles on my face and neck.

When the dry skin exfoliates and cracks,

I don't have makeup on.

You can't cover your neck wrinkles.

You have no choice but to take care of it.

After all the preparations,

I moved to the maintenance room.

Everything's neat while we're on our way here!

Everywhere you look, it's stylish and luxurious.

I really wanted to give five stars for cleanliness.

As soon as I entered the room, it felt like I was in the hotel room!

The atmosphere was really nice and cozy.

I thought the feeling of warmth was like falling asleep while taking care of the skin.

I'm putting clothes and bags in my locker.

It's convenient because it works with a password.

I was relieved.

It's a single room. It's private, so there's no risk of losing it.

But it's being complemented by this kind of locking system.

I felt much safer.

There's an air purifier running in the maintenance room.

I feel stuffy as soon as I enter the room.

It didn't feel like this at all.

It felt rather pleasant.

I was very satisfied with the overall room condition.

The biggest advantage of semiautomatic skin care is

I think it's a bed and a bed.

I've been looking forward to it since I saw the reviews.

In principle, one bed per person is used bed per person.

The latex motion bed with four levels of adjustment

It's thick and steady.

It's very comfortable when I'm lying down.

The latex itself is thick.

I don't have a pain in my back or back,

I feel like I've been comfortable for a long time.

And bedding also uses the famous goose blanket and pillow.

Luxury bedding that you can only see in luxury hotels.

I felt like I was being treated properly because I was well-equipped.

As the regular skin care begins in earnest,

I feel the caregiver's touch, and it's very delicate.

You were in perfect control of the tonics.

I didn't feel uncomfortable at all.

They focused more on the part I said was my concern.

I heard a lot of celebrities come to get it.

If you get this consistent, you'll be as pretty as a celebrity.

I thought there wouldn't be.

In the process of static skin care, from time to time

He checked to see if there were any inconveniences.

I feel like you're thinking about me a lot.

It was more satisfying.

The program I chose is

It's good for wrinkles, but it's good for skin tone.

metabolism, skin dryness, etc.

It helps with anti-aging.

It also helps with the ratio of neckline to the face.

You make a slim line through the lift.

Perfect for making a small face!

I have dry skin, so it's not just the outside.

I have a lot of inner tightness, and that's why?

My cheeks started to droop as my elasticity dropped sharply.

Maybe that's why you care more about elasticity.

It was really firm afterwards.

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