Let’s get a nice 건마 massage
It's getting rather chilly.It's getting colder these days.There's a lot of physical and mental exhaustion coming in.I had dinner plans with an acquaintance a few days ago.I met him after a long time, and he gave me a massage in Gwangju to relieve my fatigue.I've got a rush to pick it up.​The building was easy […]

It's getting rather chilly.

It's getting colder these days.

There's a lot of physical and mental exhaustion coming in.

I had dinner plans with an acquaintance a few days ago.

I met him after a long time, and he gave me a massage in Gwangju to relieve my fatigue.

I've got a rush to pick it up.

The building was easy to find.

If you look across from Yongbong-dong Cathedral,

There are three identical buildings on the left.

It's a building. I'm looking for someone who lives in Gwangju.

Everyone will be able to find it.

As I entered the entrance, I found a unique massage in Gwangju.

neat counter and interior

The interior caught my eye.

To feel relaxed in the soft light

I really liked the interior design.

I'm in a building with a luxurious interior.

I feel like I'm being treated, and since I started massaging,

I felt like I was healing.

I don't know how much you can relate to the picture.

If you go to the store and look around, you'll feel like you're really

It's different. The pictures are on the screen.

May not be able to feel

Gwangju 건마 Massage This place is located in Thai & Aroma

And the time was from one hour to two hours.

Each course was composed.

I think the beauty of this place is that it's nice and reasonable.

I think it's a price.

Expensive places are similar courses at the same time.

As we proceed, the price goes up to 200,000 won.

I did. Ribbon duetai gets a massage.

The course is organized at a reasonable price.

It was good to have it!

After a week of intense work,

My legs are swollen, numb, and painful.

We had a Thai massage course.

For Thai Massage

I'll give you a foot bath for 10 minutes and a light massage.

(A foot bath is free of charge for 10 minutes no matter which course you choose!!!)

And then, in a way that leads to a full-body massage,

It was organized.

I'll wear the clothes you're offering me, and I'll take a foot bath

We've moved to where it's going.

You're doing a clean laundry every day. That's what'sure.

I liked it.Hah!

with lotus flowers on the way in for foot bath.

I felt better when I saw the bathtub. Haha

common in bathrooms

It's like a mini version of the event room.

First of all, the combination of water color and lotus flower was so pretty.

I was obsessed with lotus flowers.

Soon the masseuse will be wearing a mask.

He's in. I don't think Corona's a hotshot.

As it's time, the company also manages it thoroughly

I'm starting to like you again.

Slowly check the temperature of the water so that it's not awkward.

You gave me a gentle foot bath.

The feet support the weight in our bodies.

I'm so tired that it's a good way to relax.

He says it's important.

Anyway, I got a massage in Gwangju and I found myself in a pile.

I feel like my stress is gone.

I fell in love with foot bath. Haha

An acquaintance I went with asked me to take a set-up shot.

I asked for your understanding. I took a picture before I left.

Healing in the city center while enjoying foot baths.

She liked the way she felt.

I can't leave out the set-up shot, can I?

I tried to take a picture with a cold city girl concept, but...ᅮ

It's an organic premium tea that you gave it to me.

It's just like orange juice.ᅮ Drinking a drink

I'll be happy to see you enjoying your leisure time.

After foot bath, I started the Thai massage.

In a private room, you don't mix with others.

I liked the fact that I could get a massage.

You press down on your whole body and massage your body.

It makes me feel like I'm really getting a massage.

I was so satisfied.

On entertainment shows, Park Myung-soo said he was going to do a tune-up.

You've seen a lot of elbow attacks.Hah!

It's a massage scene, so don't get me wrong!

It's like I'm the one who'

It's a picture that feels like it.

It didn't hurt because the manager's skills were good,

When I look at it with my eyes. to look crouchy

Is there a possibility?

stiff and painful trapezius muscles and neck parts.

He gave me a massage. I usually sit in a chair for a long time.

My neck is a turtle neck. People around me say it's been done.

That's why it bothers me a lot.

People like me who live with pain in their necks.

I'm sure there are. I'm kind of like that.

It's the same for my acquaintances and Korean office workers, fighting!

Get a massage from the neck to the shoulder line.

I'm doing it for you, and the muscles that used to be tense and tight,

I felt refreshed with the feeling of being released.

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