How many luxury brand belts do you know?
By traveling abroad every year,Each one of you used to relieve your stress, right?But this year, it's because of the corona.The customer base on overseas trips.I've been saving up my travel expenses.It's used for luxury brands.Because of the Corona, the ranking of luxury brandsIt's changed a lot.Our couple also traveled abroad every year.I couldn't go […]

By traveling abroad every year,

Each one of you used to relieve your stress, right?

But this year, it's because of the corona.

The customer base on overseas trips.

I've been saving up my travel expenses.

It's used for luxury brands.

Because of the Corona, the ranking of luxury brands

It's changed a lot.

Our couple also traveled abroad every year.

I couldn't go on a trip this year because of the corona.

We used to give each other a brand of Myungpum as gifts.

I read a recent recommendation for men's luxury belts.

I gave her a Hermes belt as a gift.

My boyfriend really liked it ^^d

I'm sure a lot of people don't know the brand Hermes.

It is a brand that has made its name widely known as 'high-end brand'.

Also recommended for men's luxury belts.

Because it's one of the most expensive brands.

It's a brand that's hard to buy and access.

The H logo representing Hermes

It's in front 홍콩명품 of the belt.

It also stands out as luxurious as possible.

This brand is also worn by many famous stars around the world.

The second men's luxury belt brand I'm going to recommend is

It's a brand called Dupont.

I'm sure a lot of men have heard of it's

It's famous for the Lighter Brand.

Other than a lighter, there are many other items.

He has a global reputation.

Examples include fountain pens, fancy suits, and belts.

Dupont belt's unique combination of neat and luxurious leather.

It shows a simple yet sophisticated design.

The third brand I'm going to show you is Louis Vuitton.

This brand is so famous that almost everyone knows it, right?

Even if you go to the department store brand hall, the line is the longest luxury brand.

with a long history

It's a brand that has maintained luxury and elegance for hundreds of years.

In terms of recognition, it is known as TOP.

It is also very popular in men's luxury belt recommendations.

The representative design of this place is Dami, Monogram design.

Compared to other brands of leather, you can feel that the material is stronger.

Due to this strength, belt leather also has a long life span.

The fourth brand I'm going to introduce is Gucci!

This brand has no known age group.

It's one of the most popular luxury brands.

The reason why this place is famous is because it has many different places.

Because it's a brand with outstretched feet.

It's not a specific place to produce goods.

We make products with various themes.

They beat out many more historic luxury brands than Gucci.

The Gucci belt features different brands.

There's a wide range of design choices and they're popular.

Typical design is Gucci Mamonde belt.

Gucci Supreme Belt, Gucci Microcima Belt,

Gucci Signature Belt etc.

I'm going to show you a fifth brand of men's luxury belt recommendations.

This is Bottega Veneta.

This brand is probably a men's purse.

It is also a well-known luxury brand.

It is also the shortest brand in history.

It has a history of about 50 years.

That's how famous the brand is.

It's a brand that has grown in a short period of time.

Unlike other brands, the belt's buckles are designed so that they don't pop.

It's not very popular, but it's made of intreticato.

The luxury of leather is unique compared to other brands.

It's Salvatore Ferragamo brand.

The most popular fashion item in this brand is the belt.

Ranking of belts sought by men in South Korea

It's always at the top of the list.

Just looking up the men's luxury belt recommendations,

There are many posts at the top.

I've applied the Ferragamo logo to the belt buckle.

I've known a lot about brand recognition,

It is one of the lowest price range among luxury brands.

There are many fake goods that have many disadvantages.

The last brand is Mont Blanc!

I'm sure you've heard this brand a lot.

Among the current male belts in Korea,

It's a brand with a lot of sales.

It's because it's a bit cheaper than the brand's name.

The characteristic of the design is that the color of the belt designs

It's mostly black.

It's simple and luxurious.

If this brand has one big drawback,

There are so many fake products... The things that are sold online.

It's mostly sold as much as it's fake.

If you want a solid purchase,

I recommend you to visit the offline shop.

Did you enjoy the men's luxury belt recommendation?

Among the brands I recommended,

Choose where you like it.

I hope you give it to your lover as a present!

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