I love your 88카 old avant-ad car
2021 is just around the corner.At the beginning of the past year, Corona 19As the virus started, people started to think,I was terrified. It's really this much.The idea of getting into a long-term phase.I haven't been able to. In a way, a year has passed.I'm sorry I've been blown away.I think so. Because of this […]

2021 is just around the corner.

At the beginning of the past year, Corona 19

As the virus started, people started to think,

I was terrified. It's really this much.

The idea of getting into a long-term phase.

I haven't been able to. In a way, a year has passed.

I'm sorry I've been blown away.

I think so. Because of this disease,

It's been a long time since we've been damaged.

He's the best I've ever seen.

That's a good idea. So the game itself.

I didn't like it, but I felt it more and more and more real.

The game is coming up hard.

No matter what you do in this situation,

Actually, I think it's odd that things are going well.

I'm thinking, I'm going to be patient every day and night.

But it's still heart-wrenching, and it's not going to work.

I want to go out, but I don't feel like it.

It seems inevitable to lift it.

I wanted to buy a used car, and this one was really...

We'll put it off, and we'll go over the Internet to get a

I've been keeping track of all the information.

There was. This time, I'm going to have a used car complex

I'm going to go and see it in person and see the car that I wanted to see

I checked it out.

Originally, I wasn't just greedy.

It's been four years, and now I'm the deputy.

I've been getting paid, so I've still got my own car.

I thought maybe I could buy one.

It was the biggest. All the older brothers that I'm close to,

You're saying that from the start, before you even got home,

You know, if you're running for a long time with kids who're greedy about cars,

She said she'd never seen him.~

I mean, when I look at friends my age, they're all very different.

He's so greedy about cars that he's earning more than he's worth.

And it's too much for the car compared to what I have now.

I'm thinking maybe we're investing a lot.

There was a lot of lifting. So I'm...

so common as to be almost universal

I've seen Hyundai's Avanted Middle School!

This isn't a 88카 중고차 big deal.

It's not a price burden, but it's still...

with all the basic conditions to have

Because I thought it was a model that exists.

I want to know a lot about the vehicle.

I've been there, but it's definitely a popular car.

I don't know if it's true or not, but overall, it's not

The idea of a car without a place to be desired.

I think I picked it up. In the car I was looking at,

It's a black model, and it's a very heavy model.

I thought it looked good because it was a configuration that I could feel.

That's what I think. It's like a new car, and it's under control.

It was good to see because it was supposed to be excellent.

The fact that there's not a single part to be touched it.

It was impressive.

In terms of the appearance of the vehicle, the condition of the tyre or the wheel;

They all looked good. Bonnet

I see inside that the consumables are already replaced.

That's what it's supposed to be, so I'll have to pay

There's nothing to do with it's just...

It was a pleasure. These functional things.

They're all good. They like this car.

It came into being by itself.

I'm looking at the car from the outside and I'm thinking about it.

As I listened, the dealer checked the performance

They also checked the register! accident history

That it never happened.

Now that I know it, I have faith in the vehicle.

I became more likable.

No matter what kind of car you're in, it seems to you,

I'm interested in cars with a lot of things I like.

It's a natural phenomenon in a way!

When I got inside after I saw the whole thing, I saw,

Internal car wash was already done.

The steam wash inside is hygienic.

With Corona spreading like this,

You're so attentive to the operation and the Gessie.

It felt like a store!

There's never a little space in the car.

It wasn't organized. Almost a new car.

in such a good condition that one can trust

He's showing himself, personally.

I thought it was a really good car.

Based on the shape of the handle you see inside,

It's set up in a very straight line.

I can tell. The bluetooth visible inside

Audio control, starting with the call button.

The buttons are arranged in a position that's position.

It's in there, so I'm operating it while I'm driving.

I think it's quite convenient.

I've heard it

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